The Thoughtful Table was birthed after years of seeing community strengthened and lives enriched through the gathering of loved ones and the breaking of bread together around the table. It is without a doubt the nucleus of my home. It’s the place where nearly all momentous occasions are marked and celebrated, where the mess of our every day lives is often on grand display, and where many of our most meaningful, even if sometimes heated, discussions have occurred. It’s a safe space to share with the ones who mean the most to us- a unique setting where all of our senses are engaged.

I believe that when we put a bit of love and intention into every aspect of preparing a table for our loved ones, what we are really doing is establishing a place for our people to flourish.

As I share table setting ideas, time-tested recipes, and thoughts about how to have meaningful conversation around the table, it is my hope and prayer that you will be inspired to create your own Thoughtful Table.


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